The urban realities we face today are fantastically complex. They require new ways of seeing, knowing, and acting.  As creative practitioners we attempt to explore these realities and our potential role in engaging them. We view urban landscapes from many scales and perspectives in an attempt to understand the conditions of the contemporary metropolis as a complex ecosystem. In the context of our "post-wild" world, reconciling “nature” and “city” into a more seamless space of understanding becomes an increasingly urgent challenge. We believe cities can become more vibrant, resilient, and responsive from the bottom up, and we embrace this challenge with a dual spirit of the serious and the playful. By using design and public practice as a framework for action, we view our role as collective enablers, seeking overlaps between the human and the non-human, the domesticated and the feral, the visible and the invisible. For us this means embracing rather than erasing the existing legacies and conditions that define the city, however messy they might be.