Bangalore, India. The Pollination Project, a nonprofit foundation that gives $1000 a day, every day, to individual change-makers and activists worldwide, awarded a grant to Commonstudio founders Daniel Phillips and Kim Karlsrud, creator/founder of Strategic In-Stream Systems (“Strains”) Project.

The project proposes small-scale, low-tech, in-stream decontamination strategies to be deployed and monitored throughout three distinct urban watersheds in India over the course of 4 years.  Our interdisciplinary team is already engaged in ongoing schematic design, lab-based material testing, and relationship building with local partners.  The STRAIN System is a modular system comprised of three basic stages aimed at 1) diverting and collecting solid waste  2) slowing and and settling sediment and suspended solids, and 3) lowering BOD, and trace metals levels through bio filtration using locally available aggregate materials.  Our initial findings demonstrate that these systems can be deployed and scaled at a low cost with an immediate positive impact on localized water quality.

We would like to thank the founders and committee members of the Pollination Project, for believing in our work and the impact on the urban watershed in Bangalore. This grant will help acquire much needed materials for our pilot project, due to begin construction in early 2018.

The Pollination Project gives seed grants to projects that benefit people, the planet, and animals in areas like environmental sustainability, social justice, community health and wellness, arts, and education. To view a full list of recipients to date please see: